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Is there any entrance examination at University of Science and Technology?

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    Yes, undergraduate applicants whose application materials are approved need to take the entrance examinations conducted by University of Science and Technology. The test subjects include Chinese, Mathematics, English and Comprehensive Science. The exam usually is held from April to May, more details about the test will be notified later.

    Eligible undergraduate applicants who meet SAT one of the below requirements can be exempted from the written exam but have to take the interview (later than written examination):




    GCE A-Level



    Total score above 1300 on SATI ; at least three SATⅡ(level 2)subjects. the grade for math should be at least 650 and other courses shall be related to applied major

    IB certificate;Take 2 SL courses and 3 HL course. Math should be included in HL courses with a minimum score of 6 and 35 of total score. Other courses shall be related to applied major.

    Take at least 3 A-Level courses, must including Mathematics and other two courses related to applied major. All grades of 3 courses must be B or above.

    Courses studied relevant to the specialty applied for, with a minimum total score of 27 and above.


    Applicants for Master’s and Doctoral Programs may need to be interviewed depending on the result of the first review and requirement from USTC International Student Admission Committee, which will be notified later.

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