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Is there any entrance examination required by Fudan University?

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    Yes, but only for applicants of certain programs.

    1. Applicants for Chinese-taught undergraduate programs are required to take an entrance examination. In terms of Bachelor of Arts, the test subjects include Chinese, Mathematics and English; Bachelor of Science and Medicine need to take exams of Chinese, Mathematics English and Comprehensive Test (including Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences); the test subjects for Chinese Language and Cultural are Chinese and English.

    2. There are three scenarios for international students applying for postgraduate programs. You may don’t need to take any exam or may be required to have an interview or written exam. You need to contact school or department for details.

    3. Applicants who apply for MBBS program may be invited for an interview. Those who live in Shanghai will have a face-to-face interview while other applicants will be interviewed via Skype.

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