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What are the 10 most popular cities for studying in China?

  • I'm from India and I want to study in China. Beside from universities and major, I'm also concerned about the difference among various cities in China as it is a large country with different culture. So, if anyone could recommend some popular cities with great universities, then I would be grateful.

    Alcander Jan,03
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    From my point of view, the following question should be taken into consideration when you choosing city for studying in China:

    Is it an economic and cultural center?
    Whether it has plenty of academic activities and other big events?
    Can you gain access to abundant internship chances or job opportunities?
    How about the traffic?


    In accordance with above standards, I suggest you choose from these ten cities:

    Nanjing(historical & cultural city)
    Xi'an(historical & cultural city)
    Wuhan(cultural city)
    Chongqing(cultural city)
    Chengdu(cultural city)
    Changsha(historical & cultural city)

    edwina Jan,25
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