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What are the required documents for graduate programs in Fudan University?

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    1. A photocopy of the passport Photocopy of valid passport identification page. Passport must be an ordinary one and be valid until Sep.  30, 2018.  Applicants currently residing in China must provide a copy of the page containing a valid visa or residence permit.

    2. Personal statement requires above 1000 words for master applicants and above 1500 words for PhD applicants written in Chinese if you apply for Chinese-taught programs or in English for English-taught ones. The content should include (but not limited to) study and work experience, academic research achievement, planned research proposal, and career plan after graduation, etc.

    3. Two recommendation letters. The referee must be professor or associate professor or person with relevant academic title. The recommendation letter must be in Chinese or English with the referee’s Signature and contact information. If the Recommendation letter is sealed, you do not need to upload it online, but mail the sealed recommendation letter directly to the relevant school or Department of Fudan University.

    4. Transcripts of highest degree conferred (Master or Bachelor).

    5. Diploma of highest degree conferred (Master or Bachelor) or proof of impending graduation (for applicants in their final year of study).

    6. Language certificate and score report (Chinese or English).

    7. Completely filled Foreigner Physical Examination Form.  (For applicants who apply for the scholarships only, valid for 6 months) The form can be downloaded from, written in Chinese or English.

    8. Catalogue and abstract of published papers, or other documents that can prove academic ability (not compulsory).

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