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What scholarship does Nankai University provide?

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    Nankai University provides 3 programs of Chinese Government Scholarship to international students, from University Postgraduate Program and American Student Program to Bilateral Program, which are all full scholarships.

    CSC Scholarship for American Students is a full one but it is only accessible to American citizens.

    Tianjin Government Scholarship is full or partial. The full one covers registration fee, tuition, accommodation, medical insurance (CNY800/year), 10 months of stipend for each year (CNY 1400/m for undergraduates, CNY 1700/m for master’s students and CNY2000/m for doctoral students)and CNY800 of one-time settlement for new students.

    Confucius Institute Scholarship provides full coverage on tuition fee, accommodation fee, living allowance (four-week study students are excluded) and comprehensive medical insurance.

    Nankai University Scholarship offer CNY 10000/year to undergraduate students and CNY 15000/year to Master& Ph.D. students.

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