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What scholarships does Zhejiang University provide? Coverage?

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    "Chinese Government Scholarship--Chinese University Program" covers tuition fee, accommodation on campus, stipend and medical insurance.

    Zhejiang University Scholarship includes Type A (Full scholarship) and Type B (Partial scholarship). The former covers tuition waiver, accommodation, stipend (CNY 1,700 for master’s students and CNY 2,000 for doctoral students), medical insurance and benefit plan for international students in China. Type B’s coverage is the same as type A except for the tuition fee.

    Confucius Institute Scholarship only open for Chinese language program and Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Language.

    Marine Scholarship of China includes tuition waiver, free accommodation on campus, living allowance (CNY 3,000/month for master’s students and CNY 3,500/month for doctoral students) and medical insurance.

    Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program is available to all Masters’ degree programs. It covers tuition fee, accommodation, stipend (CNY 6,000/month, ten months per year, up to two years) and medical insurance.

    "Zhejiang University Scholarship—Two-High Doctoral Program" includes free tuition, accommodation, stipend (CNY 3,500/month) and medical insurance.

    ZJU-UOE Institute Scholarship is separated into Scholarships A and Scholarships B. A provides tuition waiver, living allowance (CNY 20,000/year) and CNY 3,200 medical insurance, while Type B has no living stipend.

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