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What universities offer scholarships for MBBS?

  • darlene Jan,29
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    Jiangsu University -- JSU Presidential Scholarship (partial)

    Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine --Tianjin Government scholarship (partial)

    Jinan University -- Jinan University Scholarship (partial)

    Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine -- Shandong Government Scholarship for International Students (partial)

    Dalian Medical University

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Sun Yat-sen University

    Ningbo University

    Xiamen University

    Xi'an Jiaotong University

    Zhejiang University

    Zhengzhou University

    Shandong University

    Kunming Medical University

    Tongji University

    Fudan University

    Jilin University

    Nankai University

    China Medical University

    Lanzhou University

    Huazhong University of Science and Technology

    Southeast University

    Sichuan University

    Wuhan University

    Shantou University

    Shihezi University

    Yangzhou University

    Wenzhou Medical College

    Taishan Medical University

    Beihua University

    Liaoning Medical University

    Capital Medical University

    Guangzhou Medical University

    Southern Medical University

    Ningxia Medical University

    Anhui Medical University

    Xinjiang Medical University

    Chongqing Medical University

    Hebei Medical University

    Harbin Medical University

    Nanjing Medical University

    Tianjin Medical University

    Xuzhou Medical College

    Soochow University

    Nantong University

    Guangxi Medical University

    Dali University

    Qingdao University

    Fujian Medical University

    Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine


    There is a considerable number of international students applying for MBBS in China. The competition would be fierce because most of them will strive for the limited number of scholarship.

    Andrew Jan,29
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